Monday, June 17, 2024

Double Brew Day & Tasting Notes: Muntons American Light Lager and Sullivan & Buckley Irish Stout

April arrived and I only had one brew day in the books for 2024; a mediocre one at that. With summer approaching that was not going to cut it. Starting in May, my schedule opened back up a lot, but before that became clear I came up with a plan to get a couple of batches quickly fermenting.

The best way to quickly make a batch is a canned beer kit. I've had great success making quality beer with beer kits when I worked for Muntons and since. Brewing at least one beer kit made a lot of sense if the goal was to make a batch quickly.

Beer kits and Hopped Extract. Homebew cheat codes

As a dark beer lover, I always want to have at least one dark beer on tap even in the summer. Originally I wanted to re-brew Spring Training Stout and have a double brew day when I brewed my Amber Lager. I just didn't have the time for a double brew day. Looking for something a little lighter than an Irish Extra Stout, I decided to re-brew my Murphy's and Beamish-inspired Irish Stout Sullivan & Buckley. That was an all-grain batch I brewed in the summer of 2020 and enjoyed thoroughly. Looking to save time my first thought was to convert the recipe to extract. From there I took the conversion one step further in the interest of saving time.