Monday, November 21, 2016

What should our flagship IPA be?

After years of "someday when" talk that was speculative at best, I am seriously considering starting some kind of professional brewing company.  I have re-branded what was a baseball themed home brewery, Bleacher Brewing as Bleacher Sports Brewing. Our brand is:

Fresh and flavorful beer brewed to be enjoyed by the pitcher with friends before, during, or after the game!
While our beers are going to balance drinkability and flavor, our brand wants to capture the fun and camaraderie of sharing beer by the pitcher.  During this past softball season, as we were passing around pitchers of PBR after the game, I realized that this was something craft beer was lacking. If our brand can capture that it will differentiate us in the marketplace.

What from that would take on Day 1 is still very much up in the air. Whatever form it is we will more than likely have to launch with a flagship IPA. I have experimented with a variety of different IPAs and could go in any number of directions. 

I am running a poll on what style of IPA Bleacher Sports Brewing should launch with. The idea is have fun and engage people.

This is still very early days. So far all I have done is come up with the new name and branding, had a new logo made, and registered the URL. That is the easy part. The hard work will be to come up with budgets to figure out how much this thing will cost, and how much beer we would have to sell. I will take a look at several models and determine which one makes the most sense to start. Then I have to actually raise the money we would need to start.

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