Thursday, February 7, 2019

Tasting Notes: Pa's Lager (Pale International Lager)

I really think video is a better medium for sharing tasting notes. I have never done a great job at posting tasting notes blogs anyway.

As far as the quality of the videos I think they are getting better. This is the first one I shot in landscape! I'll see what I can do about the lighting. Wait till the end to see what the hum in the background is.


  1. I am using the same yeast on a Bohemian Pils this weekend and would like to compare notes with you. I hope you saved a bottle of Pa's Lager for the next club meeting. (By the way, I name my beers too and enjoy hearing the evolution of a name.)

    1. After being mostly dry in January the keg is mostly full. S-23 is super easy to use and will even give you a clean lager if you ferment at ale temperatures in the 60s. In hindsight I think I under-pitched just a little.